Spectrafy adds shadow disc assembly to the ST-5 Sun Tracker
ST-5 Sun Tracker with shadow disc assembly

Spectrafy is proud to announce that our ST-5 Sun Tracker is now available with a shadow disc assembly. The ST-5's shadow disc assembly can be used in conjunction with the SolarSIM-G to enable highly accurate measurements of diffuse horizontal spectral irradiance and DHI. The shadow disc assembly can also be used with third-party pyranometers to enable highly accurate measurements of DHI and meets the requirements for Class A DHI measurement for solar power plant applications.

Spectrafy launches the ST5-SAT Single-axis sun tracker
ST-5 Sun Tracker

Spectrafy is proud to announce that our ST-5 Sun Tracker is now available in single-axis mode. The ST5-SAT tracks East-to-West in 'true-tracking' mode, thereby enable the most accurate solar resource measurements for today's single-axis PV plants.

Spectrafy supplies SolarSIM-GPVs to TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies, a global multi-energy company, has recently tapped Spectrafy to provide SolarSIM-GPVs for their upcoming Myrtle and Danish PV plants, located in Texas, USA. The SolarSIM-GPV is the world's only Class A pyranometer that also allows plant operators to quantify and correct for local spectral conditions, thereby bringing state-of-the-art irradiance monitoring to utility-scale PV.

Spectrafy delivers ST-5 Sun Tracker to the NCAS
ST-5 Sun Tracker

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) in the UK has selected the ST-5 Sun Tracker in conjunction with the SolarSIM-D2 for their long-term measurements in Iceland. Deployed alongside a range of laser remote sensing instruments: Scanning Doppler lidar, Laser Ceilometer, and surface meteorological sensors the Spectrafy system will help determine the impact of volcanic emissions and resuspension events. Specifically the measurements will be assimilated into dispersal models that aid civil and aviation hazard forecasting.

Spectrafy upgrades the SolarSIM-ALB

Spectrafy has upgraded the SolarSIM-ALB to significantly improve its ability to resolve spectral albedo from photosynthetic surfaces such as grasses, pasture and foliage. The SolarSIM-ALB software has also been updated to streamline the provision of albedo and spectral albedo data. Find out more on the SolarSIM-ALB product page.

Introducing the iSG Integrated Spectrum Generator for SolarSIM-GPV
iSG Integrated Spectrum Generator

Spectrafy is proud to introduce the iSG Integrated Spectrum Generator for the SolarSIM-GPV. The iSG is a weatherized processing unit that enables output of processed data from the SolarSIM-GPV (global irradiance, spectral correction factors) directly to an onsite data logger. The iSG eliminates the need for additional processing hardware or software, thereby enabling seamless integration of the SolarSIM-GPV into PV met stations. See the iSG Specification Sheet here.

SolarSIM-G data now online at NREL
SolarSIM-G at NREL

The Solar Radiation Research Laboratory at NREL has recently added a SolarSIM-G to their Mesa Top facility where it will contribute to their state-of-the-art solar spectral measurement capabilities.
Data from the SolarSIM-G is now accessible online for anyone to view and download here.
NREL has also operated a SolarSIM-D2 since 2016 and its data can be viewed and downloaded here.